Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I place a Select Nutrition order online?

Just click on the shop 24/7 link on any page and enter your username/password to place Select Nutrition orders.

Can I still place an order on the UNFI site?

Yes.  Go to, go to the log in, choose Select Nutrition from the drop down menu and enter your username and password.

I don’t have a username/password or I can’t remember my username/password.

Email for assistance.

How can I track my order?

Sign-up for automatic email tracking. Contact your Customer Service Representative to sign-up today.

I’m having issues with my MSI, it won’t transmit or I’m seeing an error message.

Click here for instructions on using your MSI.

What are the ingredients in a specific product?

If you cannot find them after you login to, under product search, they were not provided to us by the manufacturer. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly, see our Supplier Directory.

I already have a UNFI account and want to set-up a Select Nutrition account, who do I contact?

Email with your UNFI account number and let them know you want to set up a Select Nutrition account.

I need to change or update my current shipping address, how do I do this?

Email and include your account number and new ship-to-address.

How can I request a monthly catalog or view the digital catalog?

Click here to be added to our monthly digital catalog mailing list.