Every day, people try to wake with an ignited hope and determination that they are going to have a purposeful and productive day, and that nothing will bring them down. But what happens when you can’t remember the activities you did or places you have encountered the day before? That’s the reality that former NFL star, Bill Romanowski, experienced in his 16th NFL season. Although his long and successful career encompassed 243 consecutive games and five Super Bowls, Bill’s mental and physical condition took a hit. Before he knew it, he was experiencing significant memory loss due to the series of concussions he endured on the field. Rather than allowing this memory loss take over his life, Bill embraced his health scare by positively turning it around to use it as motivation and inspiration in creating a line of high-quality health products that would provide optimal nutrition for people aspiring to be fit, healthy, happy, and ultimately “achieve their very best”.

When Bill realized the impact that his memory loss was having on his daily life, he decided to take matters into his own hands by developing a solution that would help restore his cognitive and physical health condition. He teamed up with the world’s leading doctors, scientists, researchers, and nutritionists to “create a formula that would help to fully restore his mental function”. The result of this brilliant and powerful collaboration was Neuro1, Nutrition53’s first formula. That formula alone drew so much attention and gained such high demand and popularity, that Bill went on to add even more unique formulas to his brand. Produced with high-quality ingredients, Nutrition53 strives to offer products that really provided nutritional value, support performance, and help to restore physical and cognitive functions in the long-run.

Today, Nutrition53 carries a diverse line of nutritional supplement products and they offer a multitude of flavors to satisfy the traditional vanilla fan, the die-hard chocolate fanatic, and even the ambitious and daring soul that likes to try more adventurous flavors, such as their caffe latte or banana cream flavor.  Besides the diversity offered in flavors, Nutrition53 created products that were meant to accommodate a wide range of health and fitness goals. The brand carries protein powders, meal replacement powders, and other nutritional additives that aid in fat burning, weight loss, muscle building, brain performance, and just daily physical performance. Because Nutrition53’s products are so effective, the brand has acquired a very strong and competitive reputation in the supplement industry, one that has allowed consumers to immediately associate the words “unbelievable taste and proven results” with the name Nutrition53.