Vitamin Angels 

With millions of children suffering from malnutrition, Vitamin Angels is resolved to make a change along with its supporting partners to improving childhood nutrition worldwide. Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization who supports mothers with children who are in need of vitamins and minerals.
Founded in 1994 by Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels distributes vitamins worldwide, especially vitamin A to children in need.  By targeting this age range, Vitamin Angels provides the proper nutrients needed for children to fight infectious diseases, blindness, and to attain good health resulting in prosperous lives.  With mothers and children under the age of five being the most vulnerable to vitamin deficiencies, Vitamin Angels and its supporters are destined to create good health through this foundation.
Select Nutrition and United Natural Foods as a whole support Vitamin Angels by donating ad space in each monthly catalog of Select Nutrition.  Throughout the year at United Natural Foods popular Table Top Shows, raffles are regularly held with the average raffle earning of $1,000.  

Habitat for Humanity

More than 100 UNFI associates have participated in 8 Habitat for Humanity projects across the country in fiscal year 2013, contributing 720 volunteer hours.

Farmer Veteran Coalition

FVC provides servicemen and women— many who have suffered serious wartime injuries— the training and education they need to start their own farms and organic businesses.

Earth Day

Every UNFI location takes part in volunteer activities on Earth Day. From a water clean-up in New Jersey to a recycling effort in Colorado to a tree planting in Indiana, our associates make a significant contribution to their communities.

Food Day

Facilities across the U.S. participate in Food Day, a nationwide celebration of health and affordable and sustainably produced food. Associates hold picnics, distribute healthy recipes and take part in local farmers markets, among other activities.

  • Feeding America Food Donations: $7,607,785
  • Total Corporate Giving (food donations, monetary donations, UNFI Foundation): $8,380,007
  • Donations to support cancer research: $58,000
  • Donations to support disaster relief: $17,400

Food Drives and Food Banks

In support of our community, Select Nutrition employees volunteer regularly at local food drives and food banks to help battle hunger.  Select Nutrition has partnered with organizations such as Island Harvest in Mineola, NY to help reach this goal.

Breast Cancer Walk

Select Nutrition employees volunteer each year to support the local chapter of the American Cancer Society during their annual 5k walk on the Jones Beach boardwalk, in NY.  Our employees along with 60,000 other volunteers rose over $3.1 million dollars during the 2013 Making Strides of Jones Beach walk on October 20, 2013.