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Michelle’s Miracle Story

Michelle White, is a loving mother of two young boys, who has always made it her life purpose to help others. 

Early on, Michelle questioned how she would accomplish that. Did she want to be a teacher, social worker, or even a health food store owner? While contemplating her career, Michelle spent a great deal of her youth attending college, traveling, and truly finding herself. During her journey, it was clear to Michelle that whatever she chose to do in life it would be focused on helping the lives of others and creating a positive change.

It was in 1999 when an idea struck Michelle and changed her life forever. While attending college once again and raising two beautiful twin boys, Michelle discovered tart cherries at the fruit processing plant where she worked. At her job, Michelle constantly had customers coming in, asking for “their” tart cherry concentrate. The processing plant didn’t even charge customers for it, as it was considered a by-product. What struck Michelle most was how customers were claiming it drastically helped their aches and pains. Around this time, a customer from Detroit called the company and stated that she heard on the radio how tart cherries held many healing benefits and wondered how she could purchase it. This was all Michelle needed to hear, the idea was clear to her along with the purpose she had been searching for.

Immediately after, Michelle began researching the many benefits of tart cherries and stated, “I’m going for it!” Knowing that she was onto something special, Michelle went to her entrepreneur father and asked him to help create a business plan. March 23, 2001, marked

 the date when she took a major leap of faith on “a pit and a prayer” by filing letters of incorporation and creating “Leland Cherry Company.” With no source of capital, Michelle began applying to the endless amount of credit card offers she was receiving. All were approved with generous limits and her brilliant idea was on its way. There were bumps in the road but by 2008, Leland Cherry Company was flourishing and Michelle knew she would need more outside investors. In September 2008, Michelle changed the company’s name to “Michelle’s Miracle” selling “Cherry Works,” which are tart cherry dietary supplements that are available in three different formulas, as well as tablets. All of these products are in national distribution to assure that everyone can be involved in this positive health movement that was once a dream for Michelle turned into reality. 

–June Carlin  

“To provide products that promote health, vibrancy and peace”   Michelle’s mantra