Supplier Spotlight
Nature's Answer

What once started as a family business in 1972 has since evolved into an industry leading family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality nutritional products.  Founder, Frank S. D’Amelio along with his wife Josephine, combined their strong passions for healthy living and interest in plants into a well-respected company that produces the finest liquid and herbal extracts. 

For 40 years, Nature’s Answer has maintained the same principles and integrity that started it all. Through the use of maximum strength liquid herbal extracts, Nature’s answer served as pioneers for alcohol-free extracts.  By combining the best traditional herbal remedies, vitamin and mineral knowledge that is scientifically proven, and phytopharmaceutical manufacturing, Nature’s answer can assure you that you’re receiving the highest quality natural-derived products for you and your loved ones.  Nature’s Answer provides a wide variety of products such as, holistically balanced liquid herbal extracts for children and adults, encapsulated formulas, and homeopathic and herbal creams.  Each and every Nature’s Answer product delivers top quality formulas and exceptional value, satisfaction guaranteed. 

Today under their parent company Bio-Botanica, Nature’s Answers operates a 140,000 sq. ft. facility located in Hauppauge, New York which employs a professional staff of natural product chemists, pharmacognosists, microbiologists, formulation chemists, and herbalists.    The facility houses a pharmaceutically licensed, NSF certified, kosher-inspected, organic certified manufacturing operation, a R&D lab, a QC department, a microbiological lab, and all in a modern manufacturing and warehousing complex.  All products are cruelty-free, gluten free, and GMO free.  Nature’s Answer continues to follow their founding commitment to offer the highest quality nutritional supplements and specialty products that come from the very best of nature.